" Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond a doubt safer and more economical and is the most complete medical science"
~Mahatma Gandi
Viewing Health From a Different Angle

What is Homeopathy?

Founded upon the principle “like cures like” by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the early 19th century, homeopathy works to promote optimal health for the entire individual on all levels: physically, mentally and emotionally. Homeopathy is essentially an energy medicine. Based upon the premise that all disease is the result of some derangement or weakness of our vital force, which by its very existence is energy itself and not substance. Therefore, the only way to bring about a true and lasting cure for our maladies is to introduce a remedy into our organism, which exists on the identical plane and contains those same properties as that vital force which has become compromised.

Embracing those very same principles of nature and of natural healing found in other ancient therapeutics, homeopathy seeks to re-establish both balance and harmony to an individual’s health through the administration of specifically designed remedies. The source of these remedies are derived from all naturally occurring substances. Through scientifically formulated methods, the preparation of these remedies are designed to ensure that they will resonate and stimulate the core of the weakened life force thus enabling it to become strengthened once again and allow the healing process to occur organically from within.

Since the vital force “knows” the precise nature of its own weakness and the accompanying symptoms, which manifest and result from that derangement, once strengthened with homeopathic remedies only the vital force itself can initiate and bring about a speedy return to complete health on all levels.

For over two centuries homeopathic medical treatment has brought about cures for millions of people world wide in a rapid, gentle and permanent way. Until the 1920’s it accounted for approximately 25 percent of all medicine practiced in the United States. Its renowned use has been long acknowledged throughout the world as a major medical therapeutic. The Royal family uses homeopathic medicine for all their members as well as many nationally recognized celebrities.

The resurgence of homeopathy in the last decade in the United States is a testimonial to both the historical efficacy of this renowned medical therapeutic as well as the desire of individuals to obtain the best available treatment for themselves as whole beings and on all levels.

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