Viewing Health From a Different Angle

Homeoprophylaxis (HP Program)

Vaccination and homeoprophylaxis (HP) share the same goal of protecting from disease. They both use tiny doses of the disease with the intent to stimulate the immune system. But there are some big differences.

Let’s look at the differences between them and see some distinct benefits of HP.

Vaccines contain ingredients to cause the body to recognize the disease and react. These are called “adjuvants” and also increase the inflammatory response. Also included are antibiotics and preservatives. In flu shots, the preservative Thimerisol is still included in some vaccines.

HP only contains the disease material in very minute amounts – nothing else; no chemicals, no additives, no antibiotics. This material is not incubated with animal or human DNA. HP is given through the mouth in small pellets, so the intestines, where 80% of immunity resides, can recognize the disease material and start the work of building immunity.

HP gives one single disease at a time. Developing immune systems can get confused trying to resolve too many diseases at once. The safest and most natural way is to allow time to identify, mount a natural response, and resolve the disease.

HP is safe for any age child, can be administered by the parents and most importantly, clinical studies have shown that it lessens the incidence of long-term chronic disease.

With Homeoprophylaxis you are educating your child’s immune system gently and safely.

More and more people are shying away from vaccines and are searching for another way. Global interest in public access to Homeoprophylaxis is growing.  While it has been used in practice for over 200 years, it is only now, in the face of growing concerns over vaccine safety, that people like you are actively seeking it out!

To meet this public demand, we have provided an easy and accessible way to find homeoprophylaxis in North America. By setting up the program as a self-administered, infectious disease prevention program, and a research model, we can help to keep our children healthy. We will also generate a body of evidence supporting an alternative to vaccination.

If you would you like to be involved in this study, you can join us in changing the vaccine paradigm. In doing so your children will remain healthy and free of toxic chemicals and immunological problems.

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