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Our clients  have wonderful things to say about 360 Homeopathy:

After more than 2.5 years of biomedical intervention with little progress, we turned to CEASE homeopathy. The past year on CEASE therapy has proven to be incredible for my son. He's potty-trained. He can dress himself. He can zip a coat. His language has exploded from essentially non-verbal to speaking his wants and needs. His sleep has improved tremendously. As autism parents we have high hopes, and CEASE therapy continues to exceed our expectations. I have full faith that homeopathy will continue to help my son improve. You can follow our journey at momnivores-dilemma.com. 


My daughter, Leah, is a beautiful 3 year old girl who happens to have autism. I had been researching all the various therapies that were out there for autism and trying to determine which one(s) would provide healing (not just management or masking of her “symptoms”) while also being safe, easy to administer (my daughter does NOT take any pills or liquids easily) and affordable.

I came across CEASE therapy and was immediately drawn to it and just got a feeling in my “mommy's gut” that this was the right choice for my daughter! I found Lora through the www.CEASE-therapy.com website and was convinced that she was the right choice for our CEASE practitioner. She was so easy to talk to and was incredibly knowledgeable in regards to homeopathy in general as well as CEASE therapy. My daughter had been on a gluten free and casein free diet for 7 months prior to starting CEASE so Lora's background in nutrition was also a huge plus for me as diet plays a HUGE role in healing many children who have autism.

Upon starting CEASE, my daughter was non-verbal and we have now been doing CEASE therapy for about 8 ½ months and the changes we have seen in my daughter are nothing short of spectacular! She now has so many words (I have lost count!) in her vocabulary and is stringing 4-5 (sometimes even 6) words together to make sentences. As of the past week or so, she has had a burst of conversational skills emerging!! She is asking questions and is so much more engaging with not only us, her family, but with new people as well! Her teachers are amazed at the progress she has made! She met all of her speech goals for the year in 2 ½ months (her speech pathologist and I had to rewrite new goals for her as she had flown threw them SO fast)!!!

Leah has also had no problem whatsoever taking her “pellets” also known as “candy” in our house). Lora once said that children have an amazing sense of knowing if something is going to hurt them and I truly believe that that is why my daughter never gave me any problem taking the CEASE pellets because she knew deep down they would not hurt her.

Leah has improved across the board including her ability to attend to task, her eye contact with strangers (it has always been good with us), her social skills as well as her play skills! Leah's ATEC score (a survey that helps determine the effectiveness of a treatment by measuring 4 specific sub categories {speech, sociability, sensory/cognitive awareness, and health/physical behavior} to show a progression, regression or no change in the subject on a scale from 0-180 with 180 being the most severely affected by autism) has also decreased by 30 points in the short 8 ½ months we have been doing CEASE therapy.

We still have some work to do with her other issues, but we are confident that our daughter will be healed thanks to Lora and her dedication to helping children with autism and to homeopathy in general! Lora has also been so accessible whenever I have needed her! She is always willing to help in any way she can and has shared so much knowledge! I have referred many parents to Lora and tell anyone who will listen about CEASE therapy as it has been such an incredible part of our journey and we are so excited for what is to come! We will be forever grateful to Lora for helping our daughter find her voice!

Lindy Coleman 


When I first started my family on the road to healing with the powers of homeopathy, I was a bit intimidated; I knew nothing about it at all.  Lora Roberts is a practitioner of the greatest knowledge and sincerity. She was able to explain everything to me in terms I could understand. She has educated me on everything from how homeopathy works to heal the body, to the various remedy potency levels used for different ailments. It has now been almost one year since we started under her guidance, and we have seen improvements in countless ways. My son on the autism spectrum has gained imaginary play, better attention, and complex speech beyond belief since beginning the healing process. My other son has suffered from anxiety since infancy, and homeopathy has greatly reduced that as well. If you are thinking of venturing into homeopathy, 360 Homeopathy is THE place you need to be. You will be treated like family, and no one can ask for more!


Lora introduced me to the world of homeopathy.  I am now aware of a way to treat a wide variety of health concerns naturally.  While working with Lora, I found that she was a great listener, able to offer flexibility in scheduling, and she was eager to help. I liked that her background was also in nutrition.  We gave the remedy Lora recommended to our young son. After seeing the initial results with our son, homeopathy has given me hope. Teachers at school noticed a difference in our son.  Various people in our lives commented on seeing a change. I feel like I have a way to help my son get better.  I want you to know how grateful I am for introducing homeopathy to me!


 Madison, WI
I would like to extend a huge thank you to you for all your time, energy & wisdom. My sinus infections have stopped, thank you. You are a compassionate listener and I enjoyed our time together.

Thank you for your support. Greatly appreciated. I am so glad that you were always there for Cliff. We both think quite highly of you. Thank you, Thank you , Thank you !!!!

Last year I got the flu in a terrible nasty way. I was off sick from work for almost a week, and it left my immune system devastated. For months after this I was fatigued all the time, unable to concentrate and my whole body would ache. After two months of this, and a few doctor's appointments later I was almost at my wits end and scarily enough still working even though I barely remembered what I had done that day or even the drive home.
It was at this point that Lora from 360 Homeopathy suggested I try Homeopathics as a way of treating my Glandular fever/Chronic fatigue (which had resulted from my deficient immune system). This was literally an answer to my prayers! The catch...I live in a tiny town in Far North Queensland AUSTRALIA!! Hearing of my plight however, Lora went above and beyond her normal practitioner duties and not only communicated to me via the internet to get all the details of my situation, but also prescribed, made up and sent the remedies to me!
I cannot tell you how very blessed I was to be contact with such a giving, generous, intuitive and knowledgeable healer. 3 months on, I am able to focus, I have energy and I am not only working but I am able to enjoy my life, do my workouts and I am currently looking at studying again....something I would never have considered prior to my treatment.
I cannot talk highly enough of Lora's skills as a homeopathic practitioner or about how lovely a person she is. If you are looking for a remedy for something that conventional medicine has not provided you, or you are simply looking for an alternative medical option, I would suggest 360 Homeopathy without a doubt. This Aussie is making this place her go-to health clinic!
Emma, FNQ Australia


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